ahaDRONE Technology Raodmap

A quintessential aspect of product development is when the end user participates in it, traditionally this is done by surveying and collecting feedbacks from potential users, this method exists due to the lack of any better methods, and has resulted in disastrous products of epic proportions, ahaDRONE breaks this cycle by allowing the user to continuously modify the product, thus making the end user part of the engineering process. This is what makes ahaDRONE a flexible drone.

After having done so much, we didn’t see any point in leaving motors and propellers for a 3rd party vendor, ahaDRONE deserved its own motors, propellers and motor controllers. Our experience in engineering brushless DC motors and propellers bridges the gap to manufacture ahaDRONE end to end, one of the first to do so at this scale in India.

Features of ahaDRONE, a DIY Drone Kit

  • Can be assembled in an hour

  • Is open source

  • Programmable for multiple applications

  • Uses MultiWii and Raspberry Pi

  • Onboard 8 Megapixel, compatible with all Raspberry Pi Camera modules

  • 600 grams all up weight

  • Payload of 750 grams

  • Flight time up to 10 minutes

  • Can be flown using smartphones or a dedicated remote controller (extending the range to 2 Kms)

ahaDRONE is more than a quad copter, it is a full fledged computer with wings.