ahaDRONE Value Proposition

ahaDRONE is a versatile drone, the technology is open sourced so that anyone with fair knowledge of software programming can modify the drone for different applications. The onboard Raspberry Pi computer that is popular among most engineer is coupled with a custom flight controller board derived from the Arduino, which is another popular development platform among engineers.

Any flight controller is technically application agnostic. The business logic’s difference between one application such as spraying to another application such as delivering packages is very minimal, it can be implemented by writing few lines of code using simple languages such as Python.

In essence a corrugated airframe coupled with familiar opensource tools makes ahaDRONE the most adaptable drone platform and an innovation friendly drone. What’s more is several ahaDRONEs can group together as a swarm to address a large areas.

ahaDRONE is more than a quadcopter, it is a full-fledged computer with wings.