ahaDRONE Value Proposition

ahaDRONE Value Proposition ahaDRONE is a versatile drone, the technology is open sourced so that anyone with fair knowledge of software programming can modify the drone for different applications. The onboard Raspberry Pi computer that is popular among most engineer is coupled with a custom flight controller board derived from the Arduino, which is another […]

RAV Addressable Market

RAV Addressable Market Drones have proven their worth in applications such as Infrastructure, Forestry, Agriculture, Emergencies, and Research. Payload and the payload integration with the flight controller is the key differentiator in all these applications. AV is our continuously evolving offering, this drone product is most suitable for drone use cases addressed by governments, research […]

ahaDRONE Technology Raodmap

ahaDRONE Technology Raodmap A quintessential aspect of product development is when the end user participates in it, traditionally this is done by surveying and collecting feedbacks from potential users, this method exists due to the lack of any better methods, and has resulted in disastrous products of epic proportions, ahaDRONE breaks this cycle by allowing […]

ahaDRONE Technology Overview

ahaDRONE Technology Overview At the heart of any drone is it’s flight controller, we have derived our flight controller from one of the oldest opensource flight controllers MultiWii. It’s strength lies in its simplicity and maturity. For ahaDRONE we extended MultiWii by modernising it with latest sensors, including 10 axis sensors that are augmented by […]