World’s Smallest Spraying Drone

Sturdy body made of Carbon Fiber Air Frame and 6061 Aluminum.

Precision Spraying System

PX4 based Autopilot

Full stack software for Spraying Service

4 Nos Spraying Nozzles

Upto 15 min Flight Time

Li-Po Battery pack

All Up Weight Under 2Kgs including 500ml liquid payload


Be among the first to tap into the spraying service opportinuity

Own the most advanced aerial spraying solution in the world

Micro Sized
Strong Built
Precise Control
Autonomous Spraying
Business Ready
3rd Party Integrations
10000 years of agriculture, a legacy in need of a catalyst

With less than 5 acres of average farm land, farmers in India struggle to apply modern farming techniques and resort to using antiquated methods.

Precision Vs Mechanized Vs Manual Spraying

Aerial spraying is a technique in which a crop is sprayed with chemicals from above. This means that the chemicals are applied in an efficient way, without occupying any space on the ground.

As the foremost company in India working with a drone-centric approach to precision agriculture, we have developed an end-to-end aerial spraying solution.

Temperorily Disabled ->

500 ml Micro Spraying Drone, MTOW of just 2 Kilograms

5 Built in trust for business friendliness

Works as SWARM for on demand scalability


KISAN DRONE is a business friendly end-to-end spraying solution, the open framework allows it to integrate it with other automation solutions and be part of them or work all by itself.

KISAN DRONE is world’s smallest spraying drone that makes spraying easier and more precise. It integrates a precision spraying and localization system to sensors and autopilot system, which makes it the most dependable aerial spraying solution in the market.

KISAN DRONE has been developed to be a better spraying solution for a number of spraying scenarios. It can spray crops without manual labor, or in hard-to-reach areas.


Localized variable rate spraying


Autonomous spraying

Fast turnarounds

The micro category spraying drone can get very close to the canopy of a crop or plantation and apply a precise amount of chemical.
The drone can adapt to stativ variables such as topology, dynamic variables such as weather and to crop specific variables. It can also handle sophisticated chemical compositions that have increased in complexity over time.


Simple or complex

Tall or short

big or small

your are covered. On demand spraying, whenever or whereever it is needed

Repetative spraying can get quite mundane, why put a human for a machine’s job. Autonomous operations allows you to spray throught the crop’s lifetime without too much effort

Autonomous spraying

Open framework allows easy integration witth 3rd party AgTech and automation solutions

Variable rate spraying combined with the ability to precisely control the quantum of application,

Locational awareness helps factor geographic and man made structures

Fast turnarounds

Quick swap batteries and easy refil tanks reduce the downtime between recharges and refils

KISAN DRONE has been designed from the ground up to be a Spraying-As-A-Service offering, that can fit into the complex realities of Indian agriculture.  It also opens up Indian agriculture market to precision agriculture methodology, that has unique challenges due to highly fragmented land ownership and incoherent farming practice.

KISAN DRONE is efficient and cost effective solution for farmers to combat pests and diseases in their crops. It’s a safe and efficient way to control harmful fungi, insects, and plant diseases.

Keeping up with the prevailing laws can be a daunting task, leave the heavy lifting to us
Our flight stack are updated frequently, benefit from the most up to date regulatory stack
Build you business with a locationally and situationally aware spraying system

Whether you’re a spraying service provider, a plantation manager or vineyard owner, KISAN DRONE is the perfect way to help you get your spraying job done. You can adjust parameters of topology, crop and the drone with our smartphone app, making your work easier while achieving optimal spraying


It is versatile and has the ability to handle different types of crops such as orchards, vineyards, plantations, cash crops, vegetables, and grains. KISAN DRONE can work as a swarm by coordinating with other drones in order to cover large swaths of land.

Precision Aerial Spraying vs Mechanized Spraying vs Manual Spraying

Dimensions395x395x200 mm (Without Propellers)
Battery Capacity14.8V 6000mAh Li-Po Battery
BodyCarbon Fiber Air Frame Supported by Machined Aluminum Blocks
Net Weight 2Kg
Radio Control PPM and PWM
Flight Time Upto 15 min
Controller Pixhawk PX4 2.3.8 Flight Controller

“Spraying as a Service” Investment Opportunities

SKYWARE integration enables service providers with ready to use frameworks for reporting and billing.

Optimize pesticide use

500 ml Micro Spraying Drone, MTOW of just 2 Kilograms

Open Framework

Integrate with you own early detection and spraying solutions.

Work Smarter

Save the labor for all spraying needs.

The missing link in precision spraying

The robust design is based on RAV, our flagship Industry 4.0 drone, which is made up of light weight high strength carbon fiber and aerospace aluminum. The modular system can be customized in software and hardware to adapt to diverse spraying needs. The spraying system consists of a diaphragm pump with a four downward facing nozzle underneath each motor, each of the nozzle can be adjusted to control the spraying rate.

Responsible farming means, using the right tools to apply the right products and make the best decisions possible.

Open Framework

Vineyard Farming

Orchard Farming

KISAN DRONE has spraying nozzles under each propeller allows it to propagate and scatter the droplets evenly through the plant foliage. This improves efficiencies of pesticide and will result in overall reduction in the amount of pesticide applied. The onboard sensors allow the drone to follow the terrain and also tag along the crops.

Coconut Plantation

Coffee Plantation

Tea Plantation

Beyond the spraying itself, the integrated GPS and the companion software allows KISAN DRONE to avoid overlaps in spraying, keep up with the weather trends, fly and spray with the optimum speed and rate over the corners and boundaries to reduce losses due to drift.

By integrating with digital terrain maps and soil maps to plan ahead the spray densities, boundaries, time and repetitions of chemical application, this makes spraying from being a laborious task to a data driven automation solution

Every Drone has a story

What began as a side project, to build a 20 liter spraying drone, quickly became an object of focus and an important problem four us to solve. In the quest to address the spraying needs of indian farmers, who have unique challanges such as fragmented land holdings and use of manual labour to spray chemicals, we observed that using large drones to aerially apply chemicals in such an enviernment is impracticle.

We took a bottom-up approach to applying chemicals. Imagine if we could apply a precise amount of liquid at a specific location on a predetermined time. That’s precision farming so to speak, but a technique that has been elusive to the Indian farming community.

KISAN DRONE is will continue to evolve and become a precise solution of appliying chemicals and also a profitable business opportinuity

To know more about KISAN DRONE and the business plan around it

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KISAN DRONE Product Road Map

Beyond the incremental improvements to make KISAN DRONE integrate with other precision agrictultural solutions, we have lined up some of the most disruptive technologies to be implemented in farming.

  1. Full Swarm Capability
  2. Skyware Integration
  3. Full Autonomous

We aim to radically alter the present practices of farming that is heavily reliant on manual labour and bring about a greater adaption of automation solutions.

Build your spraying business with KISAN DRONE

It is said that a good business solves a customer’s pain point. Wouldn’t it be a great business if you can solve not one but three pain points with a single offering?

  • On Demand Spraying
  • Optimal use of chemicals
  • Reliefe from manual labour


KISAN DRONE is a precision spraying system, that has the ability to apply a small amount of chemical at a specific location. The uncompromising attention to detail that has gone into its development makes KISAN DRONE the most advanced spraying system in the world, it is dependable, profitable and aimed at your success.



What is the maximum range the KISAN DRONE can cover?

Total weight including the payload is 2 kgs and it can carry a payload up to __ kg.

What is the maximum range the KISAN DRONE can cover?

The radio controller has a range of up to 1 km.

What is the battery life? For how long the drone can fly?

One fully charged battery can hover the drone for up to 15 minutes.

How long does KISAN DRONE take to spray 1-acre of land?

The capability of covering 1-acre land depends on the volume of pesticide being sprayed. Assuming ultra-low volume spraying density, the KISAN DRONE can spray 1-acre land in about 60 minutes.

Can KISAN DRONE spray on all types of crop vegetation?

Yes,The small and compact design of KISAN DRONE makes it possible to spray crop vegetations with difficult reachability.

What and how much is the warranty period for KISAN DRONE?

The warranty period for KISAN DRONE is 1 year (excluding batteries). The warranty does not cover damages caused due to incidents/accidents.

What if the KISAN DRONE loses connection or goes out of range?

A failsafe parameter is set up in KISAN DRONE that commands the drone to return to its home position in such cases.

Are the parameters of Flight Controller reprogrammable?

Yes,The Pixhawk PX4 Flight Controller can be fully customized with drone software such as Mission Planner and QGroundControl.