Before something is an art, it is a science.

Plug and Play UAV framework Enterprise drone platform of choice to develop dependable UAV applications. Deploy software or hardware applications on the companion computer and the payload plugged into the smart payload bay.


An RAV drone can capture images of property to be insured quicker than a human inspector, the same property can be revisited in case of a disaster to estimate the extent of damage. This reduces the turnaround time on claims.


RAV’s ability to capture precise imagery data both in daylight and in night time with photographs providing centimeter accuracy. RAV can play a pivotal role in locating problems in the systems that are vital to our daily lives.


RAVs can provide GIS professionals with tools to help identify property boundaries, subdividing land, surveying construction sites, estimating mineral deposits, with the right tool they can also help produce topographic and hydrographic maps.


An RAV drone can be fitted with multi-spectral sensors to analyses crop health and soil conditions precisely. NDVI data in combination with other indexes can provide valuable insights into crop health and provide actionable information.


Within a short duration an RAV drone can take hundreds of pictures that can be stitched together to large and high resolution orthographic maps. These orthomaps can be integrated with GIS and used to improve forest management, operational planning and monitor illegal activities.


The intricacies of planning, designing & supervision of large scale infrastructures such as smart cities, bridges, railways networks, dams or roads can be simplified with a friendly eye in the sky of an RAV. This will lay the foundations for evaluating vital infrastructure after disasters.


Aerial patrol by RAVs can detect hot-spots in an emergent situation and assist in scaling a disaster, it can reduce the time to respond RAV drones can prove vital in rapidly mapping the affected area and can be critical in optimizing rescue resources and unclog logistical bottlenecks.


An RAV mounted hyper-spectral sensor can gather high resolution data, this reliable data can be used for monitoring a range of environments, for example to monitor mine sites and contaminated lands. This is an invaluable for environmental evaluation and change analysis.



Radio RX/TX

Telemetry TX/RX



Companion Computer

RGB Camera

Multispectral Camera

Thermal Camera

Camera Gimbal

Spare Battery

64GB Storage



Airframe Material : Carbon fiber and Aerospace Aluminium
Configuration : Quadcopter X
Motor to Motor (Diagonally) 555 mm
Height : 220 mm
Propeller 12″ Nylon/Nylon Carbon
Weight 1650 gms
Payload Bay Area 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm


Battery: Lithium
Motors : Brushless DC
Propellers : 12″ Carbon Reinforced/Nylon/ABS
Landing Gear : Fixed


Controller : ARM Cortex M4
Sensors : Accelerometer, Gyroscope,  Magnetometer, Barometer.
Interfaces : PWM, I2C, UART, GPIO, CAN, USB, SD Card
Positioning : GPS and Compass Safety Switch, LED, Buzzer
Power port : 5V at 3A and 12V at 3A


Battery Charger, Radio RX/TX, Telemetry TX/RX, RTK-GPS
LIDAR, Companion Computer, RGB Camera, Multispectral Camera, Thermal Camera, Spare Battery