Skykrafts Aerospace

Our universe revolves around drones and drone applications in agriculture, survey, forestry, emergency services and research.



Vision and Mission

A Drone for Everyone


SkyKrafts Aerospace Pvt Ltd was formally registered in October 2015, it is one of the earliest companies in the country to take baby steps in making consumer and commercial drones.

Our journey is the journey of building and flying machines. Technologies such as MEMS devices, low cost computing and high density batteries have catalyzed development of drones and redefined the principles of flight.

A product can only be as good as the team that builds it, we at Skykrafts Aerospace constantly strive to strengthen our team and build capability and capacity.

Through our own struggles of developing world class drone products we have understood the needs of an entrepreneur in the early stages of prototyping, and that giving a good shape to ideas is an effective way of building confidence among fellow team members, end users as well as investors.

Join us in this amazing journey, let us build better drones and drone infrastructure.