Kisan Drone


World’s Smallest spraying System Yet

500 ml Micro Spraying Drone, MTOW of just 2 Kilograms

World’s First Drone With Blockchain*

Built in trust for business friendliness

Fully autonomous spraying solution

Works as SWARM for on demand scalability

Spraying as a Service business opportunity


    The missing link in precision spraying

    The robust design is based on RAV, our Ùagship Industry 4.0 drone, which is made up of light weight high strength

    carbon Øber and aerospace aluminum.

    The modular system can be customized in software and hardware to adapt to diverse spraying needs. The spraying

    system consists of a diaphragm pump with a four downward facing nozzle underneath each motor, each of the nozzle

    can be adjusted to control the spraying rate.

    Optimize the use

    of Pesticide

    No more or no less, use just the right

    amount of chemical to mitigate the pest


    High level of automation enhances

    safety parameters among all stakeholders

    “Spraying as a

    Service” Ready

    SKYWARE integration enables service providers with ready to use frameworks for reporting and billing.



    Integrate with you own early detection and spraying solutions.



    Save the labor for all spraying needs.

    Fully Regulatory compliant

    Keeping up with the prevailing laws can be a daunting task, leave the heavy lifting to us.

    Our flight stack are updated, benefit from the most up to date regulatory stack.

    Build you business with on-location awareness.

    *Integration with SKYWARE, the blockchain platform for accountability is through a future update


    Spraying services with KISAN DRONE Return on Investment Calculator