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Pre-Order ahaDRONE Kit

I love the Ahadrone kit’s DIY touch! Designed to be the “drone for everyone”, it democratizes one of the hottest (and sometimes expensive) categories in consumer electronics.

Sarang Sheth / Yanko Design

Drone technology is a bit expensive, not to mention it can crash when used. ahaDRONE Kit is a concept project born from the idea that a drone should be affordable for everyone.

Gadgets / Tuvie

If IKEA ever released a DIY cardboard drone, it might look something like the Ahadrone kit. Assembling it is easily as piecing together the corrugated board body for maximum rigidity.



Winner of Elevate-100 2017

Startup Karnataka


Bronze A’ Design Award

IDA Italy


Best Exhibitor Award (Startups) 2019

Bengaluru Tech Summit


World’s 50th Best Designer

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