Internet of Flying Things

Drones have potential to transform the way we do things, including how and where we travel and work. Currently a lack of regulation and oversight, along with concerns over who has the rights to the data collected by UAVs, makes it difficult to incorporate commercial drones into our daily lives.

Global demand for drones is driving the need for innovation in commercial drone technology. It is critical for the governments, manufacturers and operators to collaborate on ways to ensure accountability for the use of commercial drones. This will require a massive shift from a regulatory driven framework, to a transparency driven system.

UAVs can be a great engines of commerce or a menace and a threat, depending on what they are being used for. We are solving the problems caused by proliferation of UFOs and bring about accountability to all consumer and commercial UAVs.


Our foolproof technology to bring accountability to drones can be implemented in drones of all shapes, sizes and brands.

We put the problem of drone audit through hundreds of what-ifs before we arrived at a solution by connecting the dots of technology, applications, user profiles, size of the UAV and the possible number of drones in the sky.

Our patent pending technology is capable of registering and pinpointing a single drone from a cluster of a large number of UAVs. Our solution can verify the ownership, payload, operator, flight path, flight plan, UAV health and other vital information of a drone in real time, it can also enforce zoning and mitigate incidents.

We call SKYWARE the "Internet of Flying Things"

Connecting the Dots

SKYWARE is the drone infrastructure to bring accountability to drones. Making sure that all actions of drones and their operators are executed through Smartcontracts, validated and recorded on it’s Blockchain. In turn these immutable transactions build the foundation for commercial drone operations. SKYWARE is implemented as an open-source blockchain based UAV Traffic Management system that allows for enforcement and tracking of drones and their activity to build a trustworthy infrastructure and enable drones to become a part of our everyday lives.

SKYWARE facilitates faster, cleaner and more efficient transactions.

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